Table of Contents - December 14, 2017

FCC Reverses 2015 Open Internet Order over Dems' Dissents

Over the dissents of Democratic Commissioners Mignon L. Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel, the FCC adopted an order today that reverses the 2015 classification of broadband Internet access services as a telecommunications service subject to common carrier regulation under Title II of the Communications Act, returning them to the Title I information service classification they operated under for more than decade before 2015.

The declaratory ruling, report and order, and order adopted in Wireline Competition docket 17-108 also reinstated the pre-2015 classification of mobile broadband as a private mobile service, thus removing it from Title II regulation as well. The Commission found that the "regulatory uncertainty" created by the Title II classification of broadband services reduced network investment and that the information service classification is more likely to encourage broadband investment and innovation, according to the staff meeting presentation and an agency press release.

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